Development services

Development services: way beyond “standard”

There are many companies who manufacture heating elements – but only few can match the exceptional engineering competence of DEW. This makes us one of the first ports of call for the development of individually tailored solutions in the field of electric heating technology. Here, every project for developing a new solution or for revising an existing solution always starts with an intensive consultation phase. 

We work together with the customer to clarify what the exact performance parameters are for the development, and which requirements need to be met in terms of the enclosure and control technology. On the basis of this data and our decades of experience, our engineers calculate a design that meets all the requirements, which is then optimized in a continuous exchange with the customer. If required, the development can be accompanied by simulated long-term tests in our test laboratories. At the end of the process are the ready-to-install heating elements, complete with the control technology.