Radiant heaters

Radiant heaters

Compared to other types of heating elements, radiant heaters offer a significant advantage: they only heat the objects or bodies at which they are directed, not the surrounding air. Reflector sheets are mounted to reflect and focus the thermal energy that radiates off in all directions. This also offers benefits for the indoor climate, as the air in the room is not dried out. Different types of heating elements can be used for radiant heaters: tubular heaters made of stainless steel, quartz heaters, infrared heaters and panel heaters, as well as heating elements for vacuum applications. Our main clients include industrial companies who integrate our assemblies in bathroom heaters, changing table heaters, patio heaters and panel heaters for vacuum heating.

Infrared heaters

Units with infrared heaters are used among others in bathrooms, on patios …

Panel heaters

Panel heaters are needed in all application scenarios in which heat needs …