CEL Screw-in heaters

Screw-in heaters from DEW are the most effective way to heat gaseous and liquid media directly – including in hot water storage tanks and heating boilers. All the important parameters like the installation length, power output and the material are already specified in an extensive product range.

Our CEL screw-in heaters are standard types, which are always in stock at our warehouse to ensure delivery at short notice. Due to our large range, you can either choose between screw-in heaters without control, only with limiter, only with controller or with both controller and limiter.

Pipe and screw fitting material: stainless steel
Thread sizes: 1 1⁄2″
Immersion depth: up to 885 mm
With or without thermostat
Optionally fitted with IP54 protective cap made of metal or plastic


At DEW, electric screw-in heaters are manufactured with a screw fitting made of stainless steel and a G1½” thread. We use different types of stainless steel as the pipe material for the screw-in heaters. The electrical connections can be fitted with an IP54 protective cap.

Installation information / Temperature control

CEL screw-in heaters can be installed both horizontally and vertically. Make sure that the screw-in heater is always completely covered with medium. If required, we can also supply the heating element with a built-in thermostat with different control ranges. The variants listed below are ready to ship from the warehouse.

  • Temperature limited to 170 °C
  • Control range 29 °C – 100 °C
  • Control range 25 °C – 70 °C / temperature limited to 98 °C
  • Without controller or limiter

Here you will find a list of former Conti products with new DEW numbers. Smaller quantities are in stock. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to get in touch.

CONTI Article numberTechnical data
CEL5035E885AA30OK230V 3000W 1.4404 885mm
CEL5055E400AA30OK230V 3000W 1.4404 400mm
CEL5075E800AA60OK230V 6000W 1.4404 800 mm
CEL5145E885AA90OK230V 9000W 1.4404 885 mm
CEL6015E175AE20OK230V 2000W 2.4858 175 mm
CEL6025E235AE30OK230V 3000W 2.4858 235 mm
CEL6035E335AE45OK230V 4500W 2.4858 335 mm
CEL6045E435AE60OK230V 6000W 2.4858 435 mm
CEL6055E525AE75OK230V 7500W 2.4858 525 mm
CEL6065E625AE90OK230V 9000W 2.4858 625 mm
CEL6115E175AE20B400V 2000W 2.4858 175 mm
CEL6125E235AE30B400V 3000W 2.4858 235 mm
CEL6135E335AE45B400V 4500W 2.4858 335 mm
CEL6145E435AE60B400V 6000W 2.4858 435 mm
CEL6155E525AE75B400V 7500W 2.4858 525 mm
CEL6165E625AE90B400V 9000W 2.4858 625 mm
CEL6215E175AE20R400V 2000W 2.4858 175 mm
CEL6225E235AE30R400V 3000W 2.4858 235 mm
CEL6235E335AE45R400V 4500W 2.4858 335 mm
CEL6245E435AE60R400V 6000W 2.4858 435 mm
CEL6255E525AE75R400V 7500W 2.4858 525 mm
CEL6265E625AE90R400V 9000W 2.4858 625 mm
CEL6275E175AE20B/2PG400V 2000W 2.4858 175 mm
CEL6285E235AE30R/2PG400V 3000W 2.4858 235 mm
CEL6315E335AE20RB230V 2000W 2.4858 335 mm
CEL6325E335AE30RB400V 3000W 2.4858 335 mm
CEL6335E400AE45RB400V 4500W 2.4858 400 mm
CEL6345E500AE60RB400V 6000W 2.4858 500 mm
CEL6355E600AE75RB400V 7500W 2.4858 600 mm
CEL6365E700AE90RB400V 9000W 2.4858 700 mm
CEL7015E435AE10OK230V 1000W 2.4858 435 mm
CEL7025E795AE15OK230V 1500W 2.4858 795 mm
CEL940ZMA1821Cap incl. accessories