Flat tube heating elements

Flat tube heating elements are used for the heating of liquids – in particular for oil. Thanks to their oval shape, they are also very well suited as direct contact heating elements, for example for tools or moulds. The advantages of this design are the one-sided connections and the ability to shape the flat tube heating element. 

Stretched length: approx. 280 – 1500 mm – Unheated length: from 30 mm
Power: according to customer specification
Dimensions: 6.2 x 11.5 mm
Heating element is easy to shape
Connection of assembled stranded wire based on customer requirements


The interior of the flat tube heating element contains a heating coil. This is surrounded by electro-fused magnesite and is therefore electrically isolated from the pipe jacket. The pipe jacket has been shaped with the aid of a rolling mill to the oval form with a profile of 6.2 x 11.5 mm. At one end, the flat tube heating elements are welded to a bottom part. Stranded wires are attached on the connection side, the type and length of which can be individually specified by the customer.

Installation information / temperature control

Due to the individual nature of the designs, there are no general installation instructions. When used as direct contact heating, always make sure there is constant contact with the mould. The temperature control for flat tube heating is implemented directly by the customer during final assembly and installation.