Heating elements for vacuum applications

Heating elements for vacuum applications are used only in industry, for example in coating plants for photovoltaics. They generate thermal radiation without contaminating the atmosphere. This is made possible by the design featuring a vacuum-tight connection (flanges/screw connections). 

All assemblies are checked with a helium tester for 100% leak tightness


The basic design of our heating elements for vacuum applications is the same as that of our tubular heaters. However, in contrast to these the connection is brazed or welded vacuum-tight for fastening. Classic CF and KF vacuum connections are used as the connecting elements. Another option is specially fabricated flanges that are sealed with O-rings or quad rings. To achieve better heat emission, the heating elements can be mounted on carrier plates.

Installation information / temperature control

The temperature control technology for our heating elements for vacuum applications is generally added by the customer. To keep this installation step as simple as possible, sensor mounting brackets are welded onto the tubular heaters, or special fastening elements for the thermocouples are supplied with the heater.