Specially-shaped heater assemblies

On request, DEW develops and manufactures specially-shaped heating assemblies that are tailor-made for all applications requiring non-standard designs. During the course of our company history, we have developed over 20,000 custom solutions – including for welding plate heaters, deep fat fryers, animal fodder steamers, temperature conditioning units and air curtain systems. All of the elements in the assemblies are specially designed to meet the wishes and requirements of the customers.

Customers profit from our wealth of experience and our exceptional engineering competence
Tailor-made design with a perfect fit – to suit your individual requirements


The styles and designs of our heating assemblies depend on how much assembly space is available and what kind of medium needs to be heated up. At the heart of the unit will normally be individual or multiple tubular heaters, which are joined together with a flange, screw fitting or similar.