Mould heating systems

Mould heating systems are used to pre-heat moulds and bring them up to operating temperature. Here, our engineers distinguish between two basic methods of operation: the moulds can either be directly heated from the inside by mounting high-performance cartridge heaters in bores, by moulding tubular heaters in the mould or by inserting the heaters in accurately pre-milled grooves. Or the moulds can be heated from outside. This is done with Micanite heaters, silicone heaters, heating jackets or heating tape. Both solutions are used widely in industrial applications – including for tool making, forming technology, the plastics industry and for the production of injection moulding tools. 

Customers can choose between internal and external heating.


No two tools or moulds are the same – and this is why the design and layout of our tools depends completely on the available space and the specific requirements of the process. On this basis, our developers choose the right product and adapt it individually to the task in hand. 

Installation information / temperature control

With all designs, direct heat transfer to the workpiece being heated must be ensured. The heat transfer can be improved further still with the aid of heat-conducting paste. In most cases the customer provides the temperature control system. Here, possible solutions include the insertion of sheathed thermocouples into the bores.