Finned tube radiators

Finned tube radiators are used to heat moving air or gases. Applications include drying plants, air heaters (including in rail vehicles) and defrost heaters and hot cupboards. Almost all the customers for finned tube radiators are found in industrial companies.

Outer diameter: Ø 22.5 mm or Ø 28.5 mm
Stretched length: Max. approx. 4,500 mm, of which approx. max. 4000 mm finned
Power: Customer-specific
Output improved by up to 2.5 times in comparison to conventional tubular heaters


In terms of design and layout, finned tube radiators are almost identical to tubular heaters – apart from one key difference. With the aid of a special winding machine, the 7 or 10 mm steel strip is wound into a spiral on the tubular heater. These steel strip fins increase the surface area of the heater, which also boosts its capacity for dissipating heat. This enables us to install more powerful heating coils and helps us to boost output by a factor of up to 2.5 in comparison to conventional tubular heaters. 

Installation / temperature control

No special rules need to be taken into account during installation of these assemblies. Threaded bushes are generally pressed or brazed on for fastening to make it easier for the customer to install the unit in the relevant system or in their own device. DEW can also supply appropriate temperature control systems.