Quartz tube heaters

Quartz tube heaters are always a great solution if you need heat in a hurry. They are used in bathrooms as infrared heaters, in smaller ovens or in kitchens/canteens, where they are integrated in food warmers. DEW quartz tube heaters are only suitable for heating via air, not via water. Their big advantage is that they deliver thermal radiation straight away, without needing to heat up first.

Outer diameter: Ø 10 mm
Length: approx. 1,300 mm max.
Power: on request
Immediately ready for use – no heat-up time


The outer sleeve of the quartz tube heaters forms a special quartz tube with the dimensions Ø 10 x 1 mm, which is cut to the required length to suit the application. On the inside there is a wound heating coil, and a blade connector is welded to each of its ends. This heating coil is threaded through the quartz tube and secured with a quartz tube holder.

Installation information / temperature control

Quartz tube heaters can only be installed horizontally. The heating coil would collapse if a quartz tube heater was installed vertically. The temperature control thermostat is added by the customer during installation.