Panel heaters

Panel heaters are needed in all application scenarios in which heat needs to be uniformly generated on a substrate. Customers for these heating assemblies include primarily manufacturers of systems for coating tools or solar panels.

All assemblies are checked with our helium tester for 100% leak tightness
Optimized shaping guarantees the maximum output power even for small surface areas
Enables uniform heat radiation


So that the panel heaters can evenly radiate heat on to the surface that is to be heated, tubular heaters are shaped and mounted on carrier plates. These act both as reflectors and as thermal insulation to the wall of the enclosure. This enables optimized heat radiation onto the substrates. The optimized shaping ensures that the maximum power is generated in a small surface area so that the maximum energy density can be delivered. For vacuum applications, the tubular heaters are brazed leak-tight in vacuum flanges. We used standard CF flanges or specially fabricated flanges for this. All assemblies are checked with our helium tester for 100% leak tightness.

Installation information / temperature control

Our panel heaters are generally not supplied with the temperature control technology. However, we make installation at the customer easier by welding sensor mounting brackets onto the tubular heaters or supplying special fastening elements.